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What is our product?

GenYDE - GenYDE is Synthagile's core product and is on its way to becoming the leading platform which provides solutions for common business needs such as Business Process Management, Document Management, Data Analytics, Reporting etc. Our tool suite also contains building blocks for specific business functions such as ERP, CRM, HRM, Supply Chain Management, etc. This is THE Go-To platform for software solution developers who are developing solutions for problems in any industry. It is a ready-to-use platform created by stitching together seamlessly, multiple leading Open-Source based products. The building blocks of the platform are internally qualified through a rigorous process. Our platform is highly secured, single sign-on enabled and has a pre-developed ability to quickly enable mobile and web interfaces.  Know more

What do we do?

Our team of process consultants, analysts, architects and developers have solved complex business problems in a variety of industries. We have created solutions using both approaches, ie., end-to-end solutions based on open source tools as well as integrate the customer's existing solution with one or more open source tools to provide the perfect solution. We not only have complete in-depth knowledge of our solutions, including the underlying components, but we also have the ability to modify these components to fit your need. This also gives our support services team an added advantage in providing unrivaled tier 3 support with industry best SLAs.  Know more

Why should we work together?

As a solution provider in your specific domain, your focus is on solving industry specific computing needs. Do not spend your valuable time and resources on robustness, scalability, interfaces, etc., leave these generic aspects of your solution to our platform. 

Our solution is based on Open-Source building blocks - this means we can offer you a very cost-competitive pricing model. This will in-turn enable you to bring down the cost of your solution to your customers.

The GenYDE platform has pre-built interfaces between various tools and in some cases, even out of the box solutions. This results in a much faster execution of your solution.

In the end, you will have a product that is 100% custom created for you and a solution that is completely owned by you. Know more

What have we done in the past?

Data Analytics System for a solar power start up:

One of our customers, creates software solutions for solar power companies. Their company collects huge amount of data per customer, per day, pertaining to solar power generated by panels. The requirement was for the data to be collected, analyzed and presented in simple visual displays.

We created a cutting edge Data Analytics and Reporting Solution for the company using GenYDE’s underlying components like Saiku, Pentaho and Jasper Reports.

This solution was completed in 2 weeks from requirements to implementation and at a much lower cost than what the customer had budgeted for.

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HR Information and Analytics System:

A company from the HR Management and Consultancy domain approached Synthagile with the requirement of integrating its enterprise operations into a single unit. Our process consultants set to work and created a streamlined process which helped the company to consolidate its operations into a single paperless solution. Our architects and development team converted this process into a reliable and robust programmatic solution using tools like Odoo, Drools, Jasper Reports, Activiti, etc.

The solution provided to this company can be used to handle the HR needs of any company, irrespective of  its size.

This solution currently supports 90 companies and covers about 10,000 employees.

QRDA quality measure system:

One of our customer’s major requirement was to implement a quality measure reporting system, so they could comply with HL7 QRDA (quality reporting document architecture). This is a standard set forth by the US Government for quality control of health care providers. The US Government had already provided an open source based tool for implementing this standard, but several companies had failed at integrating this tool into one end-to-end solution.

Synthagile, with its experienced SMEs created the needed interfaces and successfully integrated this open source tool and GenYDE. The resulting solution is a single software system which performs not only the mandated quality measures but also analytics, reporting, and verification methodologies.

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