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In the past decade, we have witnessed a wave of technological revolution in every walk of life. The so called "Generation Y" was born and brought up into a connected world where information is at their fingertips and physical distances are just a click away. This drastic shift has been made possible largely due to the passionate open source community, spread worldwide. The speed of development in social, mobile, analytics and cloud applications is primarily driven by this open source community. However, Open Source tools have failed to proliferate into enterprise applications as they did in development ops, server technologies or big data areas. Today the enterprise software market is dominated by proprietary software tools due to their ease of use and aggressive marketing strategies.
GenYDE is the answer to this void in enterprise software market. This is a software suite comprising of open source tools and an indigenously developed platform that is aimed at bridging the gap and improving usability of open source enterprise software tools. Its solutions orchestrate infrastructure, cloud, web and mobile solutions in enterprise applications.
Its simple design enables:
  • Easy installation or integration into the existing system.
  • Helps either to develop and implement or stabilize and improvise the workflow process.
  • Something about migrating from an existing solution into a totally customizable platform.
GenYDE is unique and future ready:
  • It is flexible in system integration, process optimization, and evolutionary development.
  • It is independent of context in business process, making the platform industry-agnostic.
  • Its simple design allows the reuse of same management functionality in more than one task.
  • GenYDE is above par when it comes to the functionalities provided by any proprietary or custom-developed software.
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Choose GenYDE:
  • To take advantage of its ability to generate future-centric reports, analysis, forecasts, data handling and many more functionalities across the departments of an enterprise.
  • As it has been tested with open source solutions from multiple practice areas like BPM, Engineering Productivity, Business Operations like ERP, CRM and HRM, Document Management, Quality Management etc.
Our aim is to provide quality software on par and above any proprietary software that is available that which is eating into budgets of SMEs to start with.