We at Synthagile are at constant look out for valued Partners who share our beliefs and vision. Our partners form a key portion of our ecosystem. We work closely with our network of partners to inch faster towards our vision. We carefully evaluate each and every partner that we include into the ecosystem with a long term engagement perspective. Synthagile already has a successful model where we created a win-win situation for all the parties involved . With the GenYDE platform and its associated tools, the partners can build successful business in simple ways. There is no one silver bullet which takes care of the business needs and partnerships. Hence we propose unique partnership conditions and commercial agreements with our partners that results in a high profit made for both Synthagile and its partners. We have classified our main partners into System integrators and Software vendors. However, we are looking at Domain experts, Service providers, Business process consultants, Support services. Those who keep faith in our vision, teamwork and the next generation can contact us.