" We have the nails , hammer and wood . We can build a chair or table or a building itself with those for you . "

At Synthagile, we provide two broad classes of services, both based on our GenYDE platform:

  • Architect, Develop and Support complete end-to-end solutions for new Business problems.

  • Assess existing solutions for Business functionality gaps. Develop, Integrate and Support as required​​​.

In the first scenario, our process consultants and analysts will take time to understand your industry and the specific problem you are trying to solve. We then design a complete solution which will be implemented using reliable and industry-tested pre-qualified tools from our GenYDE tool kit. In some rare cases, where we come across a niche area/Business, where GenYDE does not have a pre-qualified tool, we will scour the Open Source world and find the best-fit tool.

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And as in the second scenario you may already have an existing solution but have a gap in functionality. We will assess your solution and suggest the best-fit tool for the missing functionality from our open source tool kit. Once the tool is identified, our SMEs will engineer and develop the most efficient and least complicated interfaces between the tool and your existing code.

In either scenario, our time to market will be much shorter as:

  • We are working with pre-qualified tools.

  • Utilizing pre-built interfaces between underlying components from our GenYDE platform.

  • We are not relying on the product release cycle of proprietary applications (we make changes to our underlying applications as and when needed).

Our in-depth understanding of your solution and the underlying components gives us the ability to support these solutions with industry best SLAs.